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I am not a healer, just a bridge to take you towards wellness.
Energy is the tool I use.

Heal with Reiki

Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it"


Reiki is a safe and gentle energy healing technique that clears stagnant energy while aligning our physical, mental and emotional state of wellness.

Over time we block the flow of our energy with life patterns, limiting beliefs and the heavy feelings we carry around, apathy, shame, guilt, anxiety, and distrust. 

Unreleased emotions will store into our vital organs affecting their functions: anger will damage the liver, fear the kidney, grief the heart, shame the skin and so on, bringing the body to diseases.

My Reiki sessions focus on restoring cells, tissues, and

organs through a guided meditation state, gentle healing

touch, and essential oils. This relaxation response will

activate your body’s innate healing capabilities finding

equilibrium and discovering wholeness.

The Usui Reiki Method is a holistic and natural healing

modality that leaves you relaxed and emotionally balanced.

Reiki can help you reset your mind by discovering your inner peace, release negative emotions, bringing resilience to stress, and even release addictions and habits.

It is an excellent technique able to heal physical discomfort from pain and muscle tension, balancing the digestive system, clear toxin and even promote sleep. 

Allow Reiki to recharge your soul by connecting with your intuition, discover your faith and learn how to live your life with intention and mindfulness.

Reiki sessions



A Reiki session with Vincenzo starts with your goals

and concerns. He will take some time addressing the

physical, mental or emotional areas that require healing.

You will lie on the massage table fully clothed and

Vincenzo will guide you through a meditation journey

to help you stay relaxed and present. He will place his hands

on or just above your body to allow Reiki to flow.

 You will experience some warmth, coolness, tingling sensation or just a relaxed feeling and may even fall asleep. To enhance the healing process Vincenzo utilizes past life regression therapy, essential oils and crystals.


After the session, you'll have the chance to share your observations and feelings while Vincenzo will share holistic tools on how to improve your wellness state and any intuitive messages that came up during the session.

Essential oils & AromaTouch® Technique

Experience the natural power of essential oils.

Heal from any physical and emotional ailments in

a safe and organic way.  Learn how to use them

in your daily life routine and explore the possibility to be

part of a wonderful network. The AromaTouch Technique®

is the application of essential oil to the back, hands and feet.

This technique combines the unique benefits of human touch

with the power of essential oils to create an overall wellness experience. 

Discover which essential oil is the right one for you and your family, learn how to use them every day for a safer lifestyle.




Sessions available at Dr. Tom's Tonics in Rhinebeck, NY

60 Minutes Reiki : $120         90 Minutes Reiki: $150

60 Minutes AromaTouch & Oil Consultation: $125

What Reiki Clients Say

"Vincenzo begins each session by taking time to sit with you and to understand what is going on and what your needs are, then uses that to guide the energy work that follows.  After the session, you not only feel much better physically but you also come away feeling like you have a clearer path ahead. "
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