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Soul Level Animal Communicator 

Certified Professional Coach

Reiki Master

    My Story
    "Naples is a thousand colors"

    It begins in Italy.

    I was fortunate to be born in Naples, one of the most enchanted cities in the world.

    Lifestyle there is always on a high energy note, each day is lived to the fullest, passion, history, culture, delicious food, and expressive communication are the main characters, as Mt. Vesuvius stares down to the beautiful bay.

    I was raised in a small apartment located in the Spanish quarters, a tough part of the city, where surviving mode is always on while the raw historical beauty is so present.

    My upbringing was based on traditional values, such as family, respect, good manners, combined with the, street smarts principles. My family environment was certainly safe but crowded, not the ideal arena to share and talk about feelings, arguing was just an easier outlet for us, I am the third of four kids.

    When I look back at the fondest memories of my childhood years I am taken back to the hot summers swimming in the southern Mediterranean sea, or to the frequent food gatherings in our apartment and that sense of harmony within means that my mom always managed it to make it comfortable. Growing up I was definitely framed as a sensitive, unusual, diverse, complex, quiet, out of context, conflicted, flamboyant guy. Physically I didn't have a lot to work with, always thin as a nail, frizzy curly hair, crooked roman nose, and striking blue eyes. Emotionally, shame has always been my negative default mode that still likes to resides in me, however socially I have always felt extremely comfortable.



    "Treat everyone the same way you would like to be treated

    My first ten years in the US were full of ups and downs, adjustments, disappointments, and expectations.

    Leaving my country, friends, culture and lifestyle was certainly one of the most challenging experience I have ever gone through and re-learning it all was a huge task, however determination and resilience,  prevailed.

    I climbed up the ladder quickly, working hard, achieving my goals and doing what was expected of me.

    From a server in an Italian restaurant I progressed to become a Certified Sommelier in a fine dining establishment, hospitality became the central part of my life, always applying the golden rule, taking care of people and making them feel special.

    However, while the love for what I was doing was strong, the passion for learning and the motivation for professional development was even stronger. I knew there was more to the my story.


    Family and food have been the protagonists of my upbringing for sure.

    In 1990 I said arrivederci to my country and crossed the big blue Atlantic ocean to start my new life in the US. and joining  the rest of my family in the Hudson Valley NY 

    All I had was a degree in hospitality & tourism, a thick accent, and the determination and commitment to establish myself in a new world. I was 22 years old. 

    Initially, I worked in some of my family’s restaurants, enjoying and sharing my love for culture,  food, wine, and customer service. 

    Image by Roxana Crusemire

    Every person we meet is our teacher and our student"


    And so my next big professional journey begins.

    In 2001 at the age of 32, I applied for a Lecturing Instructor position at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park NY, the world's premiere culinary college. I spent the next 19 years of my professional life at CIA as an Associate Professor in Hospitality Management, Italian wine studies, curriculum developer and book author. 

    I made it to the top of my professional career, or so I thought.

    "Absolute passion is the highest form of consciousness"


    Throughout my teaching years I started realizing the importance of self awareness, spiritual development and the need to stay grounded with the ongoing stressors of life. My life on paper was stellar but my reality was different. I felt in a rut, unstimulated, disengaged,  and realized that I was lacking spirituality and tools to progress into the next stage of my life. The way I was "programmed" did not sustain my reality

    I enrolled in a life coaching program and became a Certified Professional Coach, one of the best achievements and a major life change. I discovered that I was living my life according to old paradigms, that anger was my default energy level and that I judged everything and everyone.

    Life had suddenly a new meaning and my approach started to change on life.

    Coaching took my professional life to a level I never thought I could reach, it anchored a deeper meaning of service. Helping people achieve their goals so they could move forward and be happy in their lives wan my next mission.

    This rebirth allowed to reframe my personal and professional life: I became my higher coach and redesigned my life according to my own joy and purpose.

    My journey kept progressing and the inspiration to learn more kept running high, especially when it came to the concept of energy and the healing power behind this invisible force. I became a Reiki Master and started practicing the Usui method targeting physical and emotional unbalance. I discovered a deeper meaning for service, helping people in achieving results and provide physical and emotional healing was my new mission and my new professional path. I resigned from my job as an Associate Professor and went on to start my own professional adventure.


    One of the paradigms that was part of my old belief system was that "people don't change", something that made no sense to me. I've learned through experience that self and spiritual development have played a huge role in my life in becoming the person I am today, someone who changed and has opted to make happier choices in life. Being a life coach has taught me how to materialize my intentions into goals while redefine my personal and professional life, being a Reiki practitioner has taught me how to tune into the most wonderful sense we have, intuition.

    And as my intuition developed through the years so did my vulnerability in accepting some basic things in life: animals are the greatest gift on earth and our job as humans is to tune into them to understand what they are saying and their perspective. 

    Being able to connect and speak with animals is something that I always believed it was possible, but I never had the guts to speak about it or even finding the right network to play. Keeping that close bonding with animals to myself felt as the safest thing to do. Later in my life I discovered that animal communication really exists and I felt vulnerable enough to start a course and join a wonderful growing community of animal communicators. So I thought....If I am able to identify a wine in a blind tasting using my sense of smell, I can certainly speak and connect with animals using my sense of intuition. Becoming a soul level animal communicator has anchored the fact that animals don't need training but humans do and that animals come in our lives to be our teachers. 

    Vincenzo lives and works in Rhinebeck, NY.

    He’s married to Dr. Tom Francescott, and they have a gorgeous dog named ToVi.

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    My Training
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