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Connect with your animal
Ask your animal
Learn from your animal

Imagine if you could ask your animal any question and find out the answer from their point of view.

Picture a way to tune into your animal at a deeper level you never thought you could and find out that there is a lesson for you.

As a Soul Level Animal Communicator I trained to communicate with animals by using the greatest gift humans have, intuition, and by opening  this sense an harmonious communicative journey takes place between animals and humans.

My mission is to apply my animal communication skills to help humans connect with their beloved animals so they can see the animal perspective.

I work with animals that are alive, in transition or crossed over. 


A perfect reading that will let you experience the foundation of Soul Level Animal Communication.

I start this reading by intuitively connecting with your animal and yourself discovering your personalities.

I will continue with body mapping, exploring what the animal feels in their body.

You will get to ask a question for your beloved and reveal the answer from the animal perspective.

The reading will end with the Soul Lesson, where you will discover what your animal is teaching you.


The ideal reading that allows more time to uncover deeper information that your animal wants to share.

This reading provides you with enough time to discover more information about your animal, and your personality.

A great reading that allows multiple questions asking to your animal and have the opportunity to go deeper in clarification.

Ending this reading with the Soul Lesson will jumpstart a new relationship with your animal.


This is the optimal reading that offers a 1 on 1 coaching to help the human process and integrate the lesson from the animal.

A reading that incorporates the outline of the 60 minute session with an additional 30 minute coaching segment that will include:

Assessing the human energy level and the emotional reaction.

Set a specific goal to help integrate the lesson.

Provide a coaching tool to help the human with the lesson.

Design a new action plan and identify what other lessons the animal has to teach.



Soul level animal readings are not meant to treat any medical conditions or diagnose any illness.

Vincenzo Lauria is not medical professional, please consult your veterinarian for any concerns regarding your animal. This service is provided for entertainment purposes only and no guarantees are stated or implied.

What Animal Communication Clients Say

"When you have a reading with Vincenzo, he will leave you in no doubt that he is speaking with your beloved animal. He  will disclose information to you that will totally authenticate  this and leave you wanting more. "
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