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Ciao, I am Vincenzo, soul level animal communicator, life coach and reiki master.

My entire professional life has been dedicated to service and hospitality, taking care of others is what I love to do, and what I do best.

I can connect and communicate with your pet answering all the questions you always wondered while discovering what awaits for you ahead.

As your life coach I can help you achieve the results you deserve and empower you with self-coaching tools to help attain greater accomplishments in life.

I provide healing and comfort with reiki energy and essential oils treatments targeting physical and emotional ailments.


My Services

Animal Communication

 Ever wonder how your animal really feels when you’re gone? 

 Would you like to know how your pet is doing from the other side?

Or, are you seeking the ultimate connection with your beloved animal?

Let me  take you for a ride and help you connect with your animal on a level you never thought it was possible.

Uncover the unknown messages your animal is trying to communicate .

My philosophy is very simple: humans are the ones who need training to tune into their animals.

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Life Coaching

Discover how life coaching will help shift your paradigms to  positive thinking.  

Empower yourself with confidence to achieve results.

 Turn your intentions into goals for a higher personal and professional happiness.

Unblock your limiting beliefs and follow your instinctual voice

My coaching approach is effective and works.

I believe my clients have all the answers and my job is to be the bridge to bring them where they want to go.

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Experience the benefit of Reiki and learn how energy can heal your physical and emotional unbalance.

 Reiki will help clear stagnated energy and restore your body to its wellness in a peaceful and comfortable environment.

This healing technique is safe and effective and has been practiced worldwide for thousands of years.

I combine Usui Reiki with a sequence of essential oils to heal  illness in your body and restoring balance

Join me in at Dr. Tom's Tonics in Rhinebeck for a session.

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Client Testimonials

What Animal Communication Clients Say

"I found my experience beautiful & enthralling. Vincenzo has a  very relaxing and pleasing manner, he will put you at ease  whilst beguiling you and your animal. I totally recommend a  reading with Vincenzo - I guarantee you will be talking about it months later. ."
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